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Desert Noir 

Phoenix Friends! Come to The Nash on March 8 for the latest iteration of our popular JAZZ NOIR show, featuring modern masterworks by Quincy Jones, Charlie Haden and Henry Mancini, classic movie music from Touch of Evil, Laura, Chinatown, Vertigo, Taxi Driver, and Blues in the Night, noir themes from favorite spy thrillers, detective shows and cop dramas, hard-boiled Matheny originals Crime Scenes, Femme Fatale and Sagebrush Rebellion, and timeless standards from the Great American Songbook. Join us! ~DM

The REAL Music Business by Dmitri Matheny 

I'm pleased to announce that I'm finally getting around to publishing my book on the REAL Music Business!

Chapter One — Navigating The Minefield of Petty Personal Grudges
Chapter Two — Hanging Out: It's Not Optional
Chapter Three — Exposure: People Die From It
Chapter Four — The Skycap: Friend or Foe?
Chapter Five — Getting Paid: What's Taking So Long?
Chapter Six — The Arts: Less Newsworthy Than High School Football
Chapter Seven — What To Eat When All The Restaurants Are Closed
Chapter Eight — We're Definitely Interested: What It Really Means
Chapter Nine — Secrets of Midlife Couchsurfing
Chapter Ten — Royalties, Health Insurance & Other Fictions