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As you may know, nearly all our tours, performances and school workshops over the next few weeks have been canceled due to the public health crisis.

This is a challenging time for everyone, but especially so for musicians and independent contractors. By staying home, we lose 100% of our household income without access to paid leave, sick pay or unemployment benefits.

How you can help:

If you or someone in your family is a homebound student musician, consider gifting them a Private Lesson via Skype. 

For college and high school music teachers, we offer live Distance Learning workshops via Zoom video-conferencing, as well as video downloads of our popular Melodic Mastery and Music In The Digital Age workshops.

If you were planning to attend one of our upcoming shows, please consider purchasing a CD or Digital Download.

If you’re a patron of the arts who would like to help out with living expenses, or underwrite our next creative project, your Donation is most welcome.

Thank you very much for your continued support.

If there’s any “silver lining” to this situation, it’s the myriad ways we demonstrate kindness and concern for one another during times of crisis.

Even as we self-isolate and practice social distancing, let’s use email, phone and social media to check on our elderly friends and neighbors.

Wishing you good health and well-being.  

We’re all in this together!


Welcome to the official website of flugelhornist, composer, educator and recording artist Dmitri Matheny, “one of the jazz world's most talented horn players” (San Francisco Chronicle) and winner of NW Jazz Instrumentalist of the Year honors in the Seattle Golden Ear Awards.

The Dmitri Matheny Group, “an all-star jazz band featuring some of the most accomplished musicians in the western United States” (All About Jazz) presents over 100 concerts on tour each year.

New! Jazz Noir, a fresh spin on crime jazz, film noir and timeless classics. Mysterious, melancholy and menacing, the Papillon/BluePort Jazz release is Matheny's 11th album as leader and his most thrilling to date. Order Now

All eleven Dmitri Matheny albums (over 120 songs) are available from CDBabyiTunesAmazonSpotify and Carpe DM.

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