Today I'm grateful to all those wonderful concert promoters and talent buyers who, over the years, have engaged us based on our professional reputations and the quality of our music.

Thank you for making our careers possible.

When you loved our performances and promised to have us back again, thank you for following through.

When you chose not to engage us, whatever the reason, thank you for having the courage to say so directly, rather than wasting our time with vague reassurances. Thank you for understanding that interminable delay is truly the deadliest form of denial.

Thank you for getting to know us. Thank you for listening to our demo tapes and CDs, checking out our shows at other venues, watching our video clips, reviewing our biographical and promotional materials, and following our artistic evolution.

Thank you for understanding that it is, in fact, your job to know about us, and when you aren't familiar, to learn about us.  Thank you for acknowledging that it's our job to keep you updated. Thank you for recognizing that both our roles are necessary, and for begrudging neither necessity.

Thank you for promptly returning our phone calls and answering our emails.

Thank you for treating us with respect and common decency.

Thank you for negotiating with us and our agents in good faith, and for abiding by the terms of our agreements.

Thank you for taking care of all the extra-musical details so that we may do our best work on stage.

Thank you for getting it right.

And most of all, thank you for teaching this very important skill set to the next generation of concert promoters and talent buyers, just as we take it upon ourselves to mentor the next generation of aspiring musicians.


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