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Today I was able to re-connect with several clients and friends, learn Art Farmer's solo on "The Squirrel," check out Donny McCaslin's set @jazzbaltica, study a new twist on a favorite business practice, admire some beautiful photos, peruse the amazing reading list of @Art_Garfunkel, listen to a cool BBC interview with @Jimmy Cobb, read @JasonDCrane's latest poem, and watch a classic Star Trek episode -- all without leaving my solitary bunker in the lonesome desert. Thanks, Internet!


"I never got to know Ray Charles, but I did shake his hand at an airport once, which was a profound moment for me. He was surrounded by a cadre of very scary-looking people. It was like a president was in town, everyone on walkie-talkies, but for some reason I just walked though and grabbed Ray's hand. It felt like the biggest thing I ever held, just this huge hand.
And I squeezed it and just said,
Thanks, Ray. Thanks for everything."
—Tom Waits


"I’m no hero. I’m nice to people where it pays me to be nice.
I do it enough on the outside. Don’t expect me to do it in my own office."
—Sidney Falco

"Heroes in the real world live twenty-four hours a day,
not just two hours in a game."
—Big Daddy Pollitt

"You know why it says CB on my bell?
Because Brownie was my hero. He was my idol.
Having his initials there reminds me of what's possible."
—Art Farmer


On This Day

July 11, 1999
Dmitri Matheny Jazz Orchestra
with special guest James Moody
Stern Grove Festival
San Francisco, CA

Bill Bell piano Ruth Davies bass Jeff Eaton trumpet
Kenny Brooks tenor saxophone Javier Navarette percussion
Tim Price alto saxophone Khalil Shaheed flugelhorn
Eddie Marshall drums Mark Taylor french horn
Chuck Bennett trombone Jim Norton baritone saxophone