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On This Day


March 7, 1995

Visions of Kerouac Premiere

Dmitri Matheny & The SOMA Ensemble

Yoshi's Nightspot

Oakland, California


March 7, 1999

In-Store Appearance

Dmitri Matheny Group

Borders Books & Music

Emeryville, California


March 7, 2007

Arizona Jazz Week

UA Studio Jazz Ensemble with Dmitri Matheny

Crowder Hall - University of Arizona

Tucson, Arizona 


It's so satisfying to be back in the soulful city of Seattle, sitting in a cafe, enjoying a great cup of coffee, listening to the rain.

On the wall across from me is a Michael Dailey original, one of his spectacular landscape-inspired abstractions. I've always loved his work. These color field paintings are particularly arresting, like desert sunsets, yet somehow evocative of the Pacific Northwest. Similar to Mark Rothko, Georg Gudni and Hiroshi Sugimoto, Dailey was able to conjure atmospheric windows to a misty horizon, conveying a sense of longing for something just out of reach.


San Francisco Chronicle - SF Gate
Dmitri Matheny Blows Into Oakland
By Jesse Hamlin
Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Dmitri Matheny, the lyrical flugelhorn player who moved to Phoenix a few years ago but still keeps a room in San Francisco, learned a lot about music and life from the late Art Farmer, the peerless jazz flugelhorn player who mentored and promoted him....more


I keep thinking about R5-D4. 


He was all set for the big adventure, when out of the blue: poof. Bad motivator. Left behind. 


A tragedy, but I bet it didn't even bother him that much at the time. After all, astromech droids are optimists by nature, and each of us is the hero of our own story. R5-D4 probably thought "Just a setback. No worries. This is only the beginning. Another opportunity will come along soon." 


How could he have known that those fleeting few moments, during which he was the chosen one, were actually the peak of his role in the big adventure? 


I bet he's still out there in the desert, wondering what the hell happened.


He probably thinks his best days are still ahead. Maybe he's right.

For all we know, he could be in great condition now.

Motivator repaired, fully operational. Ready to serve.


May the force be with him.


On This Day

December 14, 2002

Dmitri Matheny Group featuring Clairdee

Frosty the Snowman

The Jazzschool

Berkeley, California

December 14, 2003

Dmitri Matheny Group featuring Kim Nalley

Santa Claus Is Coming to Town

Sanchez Arts Center

Pacifica, California

December 14, 2009

Forney, Matheny & Monce

Celebrating Chet Baker


Tempe, Arizona

TONIGHT in Scottsdale AZ 

Join the Dmitri Matheny Group TONIGHT, Thursday 12/13 @ 7:30 PM (MST), as we conclude our Jazz Noir tour of the western states at Sacred Grounds Jazz Coffeehouse in Scottsdale AZ. 

The concert features Dmitri Matheny on flugelhorn, Andrew Gross tenor saxophone, Nick Manson piano, Ted "T-Bone" Sistrunk bass and John Lewis drums. 

We're putting a fresh spin on familiar themes from film noir (Touch of Evil, Laura, Chinatown, Vertigo, Taxi Driver, Blues in the Night and more), plus jazz classics, new works and beloved standards from the Great American Songbook. Highlights will include our popular "Crime Scenes" suite (with hard-boiled voiceover narration in the style of Dashiel Hammett and Raymond Chandler) and a special memorial tribute to the great Dave Brubeck. 

Join us!