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(another random sampling from the pages of my personal glossary)

canterbury tale:
an elaborate story told with the intent of obfuscation. See also "shaggy dog story."

cakey: affection, as in "dat girl wun gimme no cakey."

catspraddle: to knock across the room, as in "stop chupsen before I catspraddle yuh."

to lob. See also "fling" and "thow."

chops: embouchure, technique or skill.

chune: a song.

to make a sucking sound through the teeth in exclamation.

code-switching: changing the set list after you take a look at the audience.

comeback: a resurgence of interest in an artist who never left.

competitive exhibitionism: a "jamf session," the lowest form of entertainment.

Confirmation Bias Bingo:
the "trust but verify" game for people who are always right.

copascetic: a portmanteau of "cope" and "ascetic," describing a person who rationalizes poverty as an austere lifestyle choice.

cornpone: countryfied.

crash pad:
a copascetic crib.


(another random sampling from the pages of my personal glossary)

ace boon coon: best friend.

a crapella: singing aloud with headphones on.

affluential: affluent + influential.

arrogant + ignorant.

ain't no thang: no big deal.

all-a-y'all: every one of you.

all your base:
a declaration of victory. See also "Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra."

amsterdamaged: hung over.

AMW: actress, model, whatever.

Anglozona: the 48th state, formerly northern Mexico, although some residents seem to forget that pesky detail.


(another random sampling from the pages of my personal glossary)

ma'amnesia: inability to rightly recall when in the presence of a lady.

malinky: piddly or dinky.

Maggie's Farm: any gig or obligation that makes unreasonable demands on one's personal time. See also "VBS."

meanderthal: self-indulgent and rambling, as in "too much tenosterone leads to meanderthal jazz."

mickey mousing: punctuating the movements of a character with on-the-nose musical accompaniment.

Mitch Connor: a poseur. See also "jamf," "all hat and no cattle," and "Chet Faker."

morning person: someone who suffers from Annoyingly Cheerful Personality Disorder (ACPD). See also "complicated person."

mozambique: farewell (from "mosey"). See also "lederhosen," "Dog Spit on Ya," and "Dostoyevsky."


(a random sampling from the pages of my personal glossary)

easter egg:
a secret hidden message for insiders.

educated: driven to distraction by trivia.

één minuutje, als u blieft: hold your horses. See also "momentito, por favor" and "choto mate kudasai."


ego surf: to Google one's self.

electric boogaloo: any lame follow-up to a celebrated original. See also "Havana Nights."

endearing attributes:
big buppies. See also "significant redeeming virtues."


(a random sampling from the pages of my personal glossary)

the strategic use of hyperbole, selective specificity and spin in the crafting of one's artist profile.

Bipolar Express: the fast train to Crazytown. See also "Charlie Sheen Trampoline."

bisocial: able to hang out with both men and women.

bitter shame: you're welcome; the customary response to "donkey shame."

bixellent: pretty good for a white guy.

the shameless marketing of white artists to white audiences.

blogflogging: obvious promotion of one's own blog.

blow baggin': lying.

bobblehead: a particular type of skinny, superficial Scottsdale girl.

bohica: bend over, here it comes again.


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