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"If you're good at something,
never do it for free!"
—The Joker

"Don't ask for what the next guy gets.
As for what you think you're worth."
—Art Farmer

"People don’t pay you as long as you’re
willing to work for free. Sadly, most people
don’t see value in masterful free goods.
You must charge for your work...
it’s a gesture of value and respect."
—Nicholas Payton

UNSAID by Dana Gioia 

So much of what we live goes on inside–

The diaries of grief, the tongue-tied aches

Of unacknowledged love are no less real
For having passed unsaid. What we conceal

Is always more than what we dare confide.

Think of the letters that we write our dead.

From Interrogations at Noon
© 2001 Dana Gioia


"I’m no hero. I’m nice to people where it pays me to be nice.
I do it enough on the outside. Don’t expect me to do it in my own office."
—Sidney Falco

"Heroes in the real world live twenty-four hours a day,
not just two hours in a game."
—Big Daddy Pollitt

"You know why it says CB on my bell?
Because Brownie was my hero. He was my idol.
Having his initials there reminds me of what's possible."
—Art Farmer

A PERSONAL VOICE — Art Farmer on the Jazz Life 

"Enjoyment is not such a constant in music as some people think. It's not that I actually enjoy what I do every night, or every set, or every song. I enjoy the quest — but the attainment is a very fleeting thing, and it happens rarely."

"There's no reason for people to stop listening to jazz or to stop playing jazz. Or to stop playing jazz the way they want to play it. I think we should play exactly what we want to play, and do it the best way we can. That's all that we are obliged to do."

"It's not just about the flugelhorn. The players that I love the most are the ones who transcend the instrument. The instrument is just an instrument. It's what the person is playing that counts the most. Of course, that calls for a very deep personal commitment. To be thought of, not just as a horn player, but primarily as a musician — that's the greatest thing to me.  A personal voice is what it's all about. It takes some people more time than others to find this voice. And once you find it, you still have to work at it."

"Sometimes it seems so easy, like the music is just flowing through you. It's not coming from you but through you. It's just there. And you can't make these times happen, so you just have to enjoy them when they do. You can't wait for them to happen, either, you know. You have to go ahead and play your horn. You have to put yourself in a position for these miracles to happen. And when they don't, there's no need to cry about it. Because you never just might happen the next day."

—Art Farmer
(Photos by Lee Tanner)