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The REAL Music Business by Dmitri Matheny 

I'm pleased to announce that I'm finally getting around to publishing my book on the REAL Music Business!

Chapter One — Navigating The Minefield of Petty Personal Grudges
Chapter Two — Hanging Out: It's Not Optional
Chapter Three — Exposure: People Die From It
Chapter Four — The Skycap: Friend or Foe?
Chapter Five — Getting Paid: What's Taking So Long?
Chapter Six — The Arts: Less Newsworthy Than High School Football
Chapter Seven — What To Eat When All The Restaurants Are Closed
Chapter Eight — We're Definitely Interested: What It Really Means
Chapter Nine — Secrets of Midlife Couchsurfing
Chapter Ten — Royalties, Health Insurance & Other Fictions

The Frugal Flugel Recommends: The Portable Travel Kitchen! 

The Frugal Flugel recommends the portable Travel Kitchen!
Find values online and make your own for less than $85:

1. RDT Travel Bag ($29.95 on
2. Mini Hot Plate ($19.99 on
3. Portable 1.5 Cup Rice Maker & Warmer ($12.39 from Target)
4. Insulated French Press Coffee & Tea Mug ($.99 on Ebay)
5. Mess Kit ($4.99 on
6. Flat Pocket Cutlery ($1.49 on Ebay)
7. Electric Kettle ($14.66 from Walmart)
Prepare thrifty meals and healthy snacks on the road.


Practice what matters. Make each concert better than the last.
10,000 hours, 1,000 true fans, 100 shows.
Be a citizen of the world. Make friends everywhere.
Strive for authenticity, sincerity, sustainability.
Hustle relentlessly. Be a hard workin' dog. Maintain momentum.
Stick to your guns: don't get a smart phone.
Increase touring income by 50%.
Advance every detail of every show. Twice.
Release the new album, no matter what. Do what it takes.
Stay hydrated, eat right and walk every day.
Forget the other guy. Focus on margins, not market share.
Learn, earn and return. Give back.
Don't neglect the minutia: clean horn, clean house, car in good repair.
See the best in people, but be careful.
Somehow get health insurance.