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"What makes a man? Is it being prepared to do the right thing,
whatever the cost? Isn't that what makes a man?"
—Jeffrey Lebowski

"What does a man do? A man provides. And he does it even
when he's not appreciated, or respected, or even loved.
He simply bears up and he does it. Because he's a man."
—Gustavo Fring

"I got the shotgun. You got the briefcase.
It's all in the game, though, right?"
—Omar Little

ANYTHING YOU WANT by Derek Sivers 

I'm knocked out by ANYTHING YOU WANT, the new book by Derek Sivers.

Best known as the musician/mastermind behind independent music juggernaut CD Baby, Sivers has emerged as a modern day folk hero to artists, iconoclasts and entrepreneurs, while earning the respect of the establishment as one of the most inspiring minds of the digital age.

Anything You Want provides a concise outline of the author's unique approach to enhancing creativity and productivity—an approach which is both universally applicable and refreshingly counterintuitive.

Part manifesto, part memoir, the book brings together the best articles from Sivers' popular blog with an inside look at the company he founded and the evolution of its enlightened business practices.

As a special bonus, Derek Sivers is giving book customers an MP3 from some of his favorite CD Baby artists. I'm delighted to recommend the book, and am honored that Derek is including my song "Emerald Buddha" among the selections.


1. STRONG — The Flugelhorn contains copper, zinc, silver, aluminum, rhodium, Nordic gold, platinum and palladium -- the very same precious metals and minerals recommended by Morningstar as a hedge against market volatility.

2. SOUND — The Flugelhorn is a sound investment. Literally.

3. PROVEN — Historically, Flugelhorn popularity tends to increase during difficult economic periods. Remember Chuck Mangione's ironically titled 1970s Recession hit "Feels So Good"?

4. GUARANTEED — Investing is always risky, but musical instruments like the Flugelhorn (unlike financial instruments) are guaranteed to provide interest well into the future.

5. RESPONSIBLE — The Flugelhorn is a socially responsible investment, powered entirely by wind and renewable energy.

6. CONVENIENT — Flugel investing has never been easier! Participate today with a minimum commitment of $9.99 USD.

WHAT MUSIC IS FOR ~ Bootsy Collins 

When I was coming up, we weren't trying to get a hit or to get paid, we were just trying to do our thing. Truth is, the only thing we really wanted was to get out there and get recognized for our originality.

After that happened, we said 'OK, all right, so now what? What's it really all about?' Well, at the end of the day, what it all boils down to is this: we're all riding on the same boat. And we have to learn how to deal with each other, to get along.

So that's what music is for — to bring us together.


James Moody's Grammy win tonight is a beautiful thing, but long overdue.

The last of the original generation of bebop masters, Moody died in December at age 85, just two months too early for him to appreciate the honor.

Nevertheless, the award decision is heartening.

It affirms that we in the jazz arena, unlike the rest of the youth-obsessed music industry, celebrate our pioneering elders above all.

And it proves -- believe it! -- that melody, warmth, swing and soul are still relevant.

In fact, they may just be what matters most.


Some of my favorite nuggets of James Moody wisdom...

Moody on Race:
"There's only one country. Mankind is one. All that stuff about different races—about your kind and my kind—that's bullshit."

Moody on Technique:
"It's a challenge constantly. I've had a saxophone for over 50 years and I still can't play it. Some days I wake up and say, 'Hello,' and the saxophone says, 'I don't know you.' But I keep at it."

Moody on Bandleading:
"A lot of times when you go somewhere to work, they put you with people who they think will work well together. That doesn't go. A band is like a marriage. Can't nobody pick a wife for you. You've gotta do it yourself. Only you know what you like, man."

Moody on Ego:
"Blessed are those who run around in circles, for they shall be called Big Wheels."

Moody on Music:
"Practice, work hard, but then let God take over. Jazz is a spiritual music. Remember, when you play music, you're praying. And most of all, learn to love yourself."

James Moody Discography