(another random sampling from the pages of my personal glossary)

canterbury tale:
an elaborate story told with the intent of obfuscation. See also "shaggy dog story."

cakey: affection, as in "dat girl wun gimme no cakey."

catspraddle: to knock across the room, as in "stop chupsen before I catspraddle yuh."

to lob. See also "fling" and "thow."

chops: embouchure, technique or skill.

chune: a song.

to make a sucking sound through the teeth in exclamation.

code-switching: changing the set list after you take a look at the audience.

comeback: a resurgence of interest in an artist who never left.

competitive exhibitionism: a "jamf session," the lowest form of entertainment.

Confirmation Bias Bingo:
the "trust but verify" game for people who are always right.

copascetic: a portmanteau of "cope" and "ascetic," describing a person who rationalizes poverty as an austere lifestyle choice.

cornpone: countryfied.

crash pad:
a copascetic crib.

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