(another random sampling from the pages of my personal glossary)

ma'amnesia: inability to rightly recall when in the presence of a lady.

malinky: piddly or dinky.

Maggie's Farm: any gig or obligation that makes unreasonable demands on one's personal time. See also "VBS."

meanderthal: self-indulgent and rambling, as in "too much tenosterone leads to meanderthal jazz."

mickey mousing: punctuating the movements of a character with on-the-nose musical accompaniment.

Mitch Connor: a poseur. See also "jamf," "all hat and no cattle," and "Chet Faker."

morning person: someone who suffers from Annoyingly Cheerful Personality Disorder (ACPD). See also "complicated person."

mozambique: farewell (from "mosey"). See also "lederhosen," "Dog Spit on Ya," and "Dostoyevsky."

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