"A big heartfelt thanks to our friends JoAnne & Ed Soued, Ed Dunsavage and all the good folks at the Siskiyou Institute in Ashland, Oregon, who hosted last weekend's concert and launch party for our new duo album, GRANT & MATHENY! Darrell Grant and I have been performing at the Old Siskiyou Barn annually since 2000, and it remains one of our favorite venues anywhere.

The DMITRI MATHENY GROUP will stage a series of events in Southern California next week as part of the 87th annual Redlands Bowl Summer Music Festival. Charles McNeal, Nick Manson, Ruth Davies, John Lewis and I will perform Tuesday evening 7/6 at the Redlands Bowl, and will offer several free workshops for children and families in San Bernadino County.

And next month, August 7-8, the DMG is delighted to return to Colorado's spectacular Telluride Jazz Celebration. Telluride provides a stunning natural setting in which to beat the summer heat and experience the best in live jazz. So hush, little baby, don't you cry."


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